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Pointilio is managed by veterans from the financial services industry who want to educate and elevate the advice-giving world.

We believe in second chances!
Sometimes reviewers simply get things wrong and, more often than not, satisfied clients tend to speak out much less often than unhappy ones, though they really should speak up to help their advisor if they have had good service.

We leverage the “wisdom of the crowds”
Pointilio is not responsible for comments and ratings that others may leave. Ratings/point scores are mathematical averages determined from public data pools.

Who is listed on the website?
Within a given region all advisors are listed on the site, both good and bad ones (which is determined by consumers). Names on the site are drawn from public records, so Pointilio does not require an advisor’s permission to post their name and information on this website.

Pointilio.com uses a broad definition of the word “advisor” whereby such a person does not necessarily have to be a licensed advisor to be considered an advisor in the eyes of the public or this site’s editors. This broad definition of advisor, therefore, applies to financial advisors, investment advisors, insurance advisors, investment bankers, realtors, accountants and other advice-giving occupations (where advice may be given by them to either retail or business clients).

What if you are rated poorly?
1. Post a rebuttal (which must be approved)

2. Improve your service levels and, above all, act more responsibly

3. Avail yourself of Pointilio’s reputation management and practice promotion programs