Nice Knockers: realtors at your door

By The Rock & Roll Economist

I’m sure it’s her superior education that got her in the door

Guess who’s knocking on your door today, honey child? It’s your friendly neighbourhood realtor. She’ll feed you lines like how she has clients who’d be interested in buying your house. 

Every male homeowner who’s ever had a rush of blood to his nethers would respond with a bit of a scrambled brain to the likes of titsy booboo in the picture above. Attractive realtors know this, of course. You’re more likely to sign the deed if she implies she might do the deed. So, if you’re looking to buy a house in a nice areola (yep, I went there), then you’re probably even more likely to have some hottie real estate lady try and sell you just as much on the merits of her figure than the home’s figures.

And the reality is that realtors are a profession dominated by women, many of whom are very attractive. Just peruse any real estate brokerage’s magazine ads with pictures of their agents and you’re sure to see a bunch of lookers in there. 

It’s no wonder so many adult videos are centred on the theme of the raunchy real estate vixen. There’s something exciting about inviting an attractive realtor into your bedroom, even if it is just to talk about square footage and all that. And sitting next to her in her car as she tours you around looking for new houses, you might also be thinking more about her juicy bits as you soak up her perfume and silky voice. And who knows, she might actually make a move on you. After all, according to Reddit, at least, a lot of realtors are banging their clients (and likely other realtors, too).

Just look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want to buy this house right now.

Female realtors might like to think that the main reason they are good at their job is their fine education or their superior listening skills, but that is probably not always the case if they are attractive. Sex sells; there can be no doubt about it. Women buyers want to be like an attractive realtor and male buyers, well you know what they’re thinking. 

To prove this point logically, one need only imagine identical twins: one dressed in a somewhat revealing top and the other in a boxy little number. It’s obvious which one is going to get more serious attention, even from other women.

So try not to lose your head in a real estate sale because that could lead to you losing your shirt, financially speaking that is. To explain a common example, realtors have a built-in conflict of interest in that they make a commission off of the sale of your property, so that means they would rather sell it for somewhat below market value to speed up its sale than wait longer for it to sell at full value. They want to move on to the next sale as quickly as possible because they can make more money that way. It’s a volume business. Not all realtors act this way, but many do.

Just remember guys, the flirt of a skirt isn’t worth your shirt. 

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